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Glossary of PIO Terms

Active Physician Registry Listing of Physicians in active practice compiled annually by OPRC.
Active Practice Physician has an independent practice licence, and is practicing, in Ontario for a significant portion of the calendar year.
Age Range Physicians are assigned to an age range based on the distance from their year of birth.
Census Date PIO census date is December 31 of the year in question.
Census SubDivision Assigned by Statistics Canada, this is roughly equivalent, although not the same, as the geopolitical category of municipality.
CFPC College of Family Physicians of Canada
County Equivalent to Statistics Canada Census Division, these are often now called Regional Municipalities. Toronto is now a Region, a Census Subdivision and a County.
Gender Gender is based on data provided by CPSO and no specific distinction is made between sex and gender identity. Starting in 2021, an ‘Other’ category (which combines both non-binary and unknown gender categories) is provided in addition to ‘Male’ and ‘Female’.
LHIN Local Health Integration Network – Health Planning Region of the Ontario Ministry of Health.
Location of Practice Location based on primary practice street address.
OPRC Ontario Physician Reporting Centre.
Physician Physician licenced to practice medicine as an independent practitioner or Postgraduate medical trainee in the Province of Ontario.
PIO Physicians In Ontario – Name of the OPRC annual report on active physicians in Ontario.
RCPSC Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Specialty Primary practice specialty using nomenclature of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the Canadian College of Family Physicians.
Year Calendar year.