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Mission, Vision and Goals

Information Box Group

Our Mission

To provide accurate and comprehensive data on physician human resources and training that informs decision-making and improves planning in Ontario.

Our Vision

Empowering Ontario with the best data for physician human resources planning.

Our Values

System Vision

Understanding the dynamics of medical practice and anticipating factors that will influence the composition of the physician workforce in the future.


For physicians and the organizations that provide us with data.


Passionate about accuracy, the protection of personal information, and continuous evaluation to increase the value of our information.


Maintaining the most accurate and reliable source of physician and medical trainee information for health human resource planning in Ontario.

Our Goals

Continue to deliver high-quality and neutral data reports.

Accurate reporting of physician human resources can help policy makers, medical schools, and health organizations identify the most important needs for the sector, allocate resources most effectively, and plan better for the future.

Advance data reporting to improve value to stakeholders.

In collaboration with partners, OPRC will evolve the data it reports on by identifying and including additional data to provide a more comprehensive, timely and meaningful picture of the physician workforce in Ontario.

Generate broader impact through increased data uptake.

OPRC’s high-quality data has the potential to add value to broader public sector priorities. OPRC is committed to building and growing awareness to increase the utilization of our data and influence a better health care system in the future.